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The Labyrinth

Labyrinths, which have their origins in Greek mythology, have long been used by Christians as an easy and accessible form of prayer walk and pilgrimage.

The Broughton labyrinth measures 10 metres by 8 metres and fills the floor of the sanctuary. The pathway is marked out in black tape on white sheets. There are ten stations on the way representing the theme of journey to and from the centre, a journey towards God and then out again into the world, a journey of receiving and giving. Each has a particular feature and a printed card inviting participation in a symbolic ritual or task.

The labyrinth allows people different possibilities that aren't easy to cater for in communal worship. They can do things in their own time and respond in ways that they feel appropriate. It doesn't tell people what they should be thinking. It allows them to think about themselves and their journey.

The labyrinth is used at various times throughout the year. It is also available for use by arrangement and has been used by other churches, including South Leith Parish Church during the Leith Festival, Barclay Parish Church during the Edinburgh Festival and churches in Hawick. Please email us at for further information.

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